Welcome to my website.

If you’ve found your way here, you might be struggling to cope with worry, sadness and distress. Perhaps you feel as though you’ve exhausted your knowledge, skills and resources, but it’s not enough. You are not alone. 

As therapist Irvin D. Yalom writes, “Everyone—and that includes therapists as well as patients—is destined to experience not only the exhilaration of life, but also its inevitable darkness: disillusionment, aging, illness, loss, meaninglessness, painful choices and death.”

It is during times of darkness that we can begin to feel overwhelmed, confused or stuck. During such times, a strong therapeutic relationship can help one heal, grow, and move forward. 

I am an integrative therapist who combines evidence-based practices to treat mind, body and spirit. My counseling service specialties include anxiety, depression, relationship issues and health and wellness, with a core focus on treating trauma or the impact of disturbing life events.

As a therapist and professor, I am interested in how the brain works, which means I am committed to helping you discover how you work. I offer a warm, genuine therapeutic relationship and a safe space for you to explore and address the root of your problem. At every step, I’ll be by your side, providing expert insights and effective techniques to help you claim a new sense of agency over your life. With help, you can find a sense of peace, relief and empowerment.

I am dedicated to providing the information you need to find the best possible care. I invite you to explore my website so you can learn more about my specialties and treatment methods. On my blog, you’ll find education and resources. As you look through these pages, I hope you also find reassurance that you are not alone. 

Whenever you feel ready, I invite you to call 858-480-1499 to schedule an assessment session. I look forward to learning about you and answering any questions you may have about my counseling services in Del Mar, CA.

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